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My Epiphany

Posted by Val на март 28, 2008


I once knew a Scotsman, whom I ironically addressed as The Highlander. He told me the simple rules of  “How to create a quatrain”:

The first line should start with 3-dimentional relevance, such as “in the ……. of ………”

The second should contain at least 2 verbs + 2 abstarct nouns

The third should be 2 verbs + 2 concrete nouns

The last one should express modality

He said it would always work and the result would always be something nice – he had tried it with English native-speakers only. He was interested how I would handle it as a non-native one.

“If you were to complete: In the ………………. of my mind – what would you put in?”

’Shadow’ I said. He was pretty surprised; all the Bulgarians he had asked had used ’corner’ instead. However, a native-speaker would say ’shadow’.

So here is the result

Epiphany (To Iain)

In the shadow of my mind

I felt my destiny, I saw my pride

Then sand and stone came glass

Through which I could observe the past

* * *


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