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Posted by Val на април 14, 2008

… standstill… dash… destiny… destination…


Moving on

Here I am again –

Moving fast towards the unknown.

It’s so soothing,

that sensation on the train –

When you travel

for the sake of travelling…

            Expected by no-one…

            Feeling no pain…

            Looking for nothing…


Have all the time

Within this Universe

Just to myself!


Moving on…

… not scared to be alone.


Yet, it hurts a bit to realize:

No matter what you might be willing,

You can’t (actually) kill yourself

For the mere sake of…




4 Коментари to “Train-troping”

  1. Lila Lilaby said

    Are You happy?

  2. Val said

    I sure am! 🙂 Train travelling is often associated with death… Remember that death could be wished for in a happy state – Goethe had written something on the matter, if I am not wrong! 😉

  3. Lila Lilaby said

    It sounds sad my god…

  4. Val said

    I actually wrote it on the train… At the time my emotional state was halfway sad, due to the feeling or parting with something or someone, and halfway happy, due to the feeling of freedom anticipated…
    I guess all readers are free to find their own emotional interpretation of the above ‘trope-s’. 🙂

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