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Mesmerized at Easter

Posted by Val на април 25, 2008

… rainbow over the church bell-tower…

I wrote that several years ago, at night – in the town of  Shumen, Bulgaria. I was there for another Easter holiday. As we were climbing the cobbled street on our way to the church, I reminded Terry about the rainbow miracle of the previous Easter – just above the bell-tower. She replied „Well, you know what we say in Bulgaria: not every day is Easter… Though it is, today, we could never experience the same thing twice!“ Then it hapened. Again. I was so impressed that I could hardly fall asleep that night – I craved to share the moment with Alistair, whom I really loved and missed…
* * *

Easter Colours

(To Alistair)

Shumen – fresh and clean. And so welcoming!

Wet cobblestones – like fish-scales on the street.

A splash of glitter in the drizzle –

The cobblestones begin to gleam

In roof-tile red or mossy green…

Two shades of comfort.

Up the hill,

First rained-washed

Then twice rinsed in sun-rays,

Two silver patches block the sky:

A cross.

A dome.

The church.

So peaceful! All at once –

The crisp, resounding tune of chimes

In their golden glory!

It fades away to simple brass…

Within a lapse

Of windless time

There comes a sudden, muffled thud:

Thick drops of rain disturb the sunshine.

It goes – as quickly as it came…

We stand in silence.


Still gazing at the crystal sky

I simply wonder –


Could anyone describe

The rainbow

To a colourblind?…


3 Коментари to “Mesmerized at Easter”

  1. LeeAnn said

    Възхищавам се на хората, които умеят да пишат поезия. Двойно повече се възхищавам на тези, които съумяват да я напишат на чужд език!!!

    Благодаря, че сподели!

  2. Val said

    LeeAnn, благодаря за топлите думи! 🙂 Признавам – и аз го харесвам това стихотворение…
    Иначе всичките на английски можеш да видиш тук в категория: Frog Poetry – горе от падащото меню… Надявам се да ти харесат!

  3. Таня said

    Дааа, как може да се опише дъгата… Хубаво е, хареса ми 🙂

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